Future of Finance & CFO Summit à Londres

Du 21 au 23 février 2022

Future of Finance & CFO Summit à Londres, en partenariat avec FiPlus

The role of Finance Leader is evolving dramatically. Technological developments in process automation and data analytics promise to liberate the finance function, allowing it to provide true enterprise-wide support whilst providing genuine insights that drive the business forward. But how do you translate the promises of automation and analytics into reality? What are the practical steps being taken by senior finance leaders to unlock the true potential of the finance function?

The Future of Finance Summit 2022 is your opportunity to discover the latest strategies and technologies being implemented by leading companies to transform the role of finance into a business-partner capable of delivering the crucial support and insights necessary for long-term economic success. Join us to learn how CFOs & finance leaders are confronting the key challenges facing the finance function to streamline their operational processes, translate data into insight and drive their business forward.

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