FiPlus in English

FiPlus in english

FiPlus is the meta-network of Corporate Finance Professionals in France.

Founded in 2011, we foster the cooperation and cross-networking for Corporate Finance Clubs from major business schools, engineering schools and universities, as well as professional organizations.

FiPlus spans more than 30,000 members in the network of 15 partner organizations and has organized and/or shared over 450 events since its inception.

FiPlus takes also an active part of think tank work on actual themes with regards to Finance Transformation. The theme of 2023 is: “Re-inventing Corporate Finance to be sustainable and connected”.

Our purpose

Connect Corporate Finance professionals from different backgrounds to enrich their practice and thus accelerate the sustainable transformation of tomorrow’s enterprises in the real world

Our missions


Our values

 Kindness and easy-going / diversity and mutual enrichment / pragmatism / independence

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